The Golden Years

Now that you have entered into the third quarter of your life, your financial priorities and concerns have matured. Overseeing the details of a changing economy, estate tax laws, family dynamics and expectations can be complex, and even overwhelming. Making wise decisions at this stage requires considerable navigation: There are accountants, attorneys, brokers, insurance agents, funeral directors, family members, estate planners, and investment....

At Estate Coordination we look at the snapshots of your life and help you to identify the best route for your future and your legacy. We review your financial picture, legal picture, and family picture, and pre-plan your transition so you can have support in making clear decisions, as well as executing them.We work on your behalf to help you navigate Accountants, Lawyers, Estate planners, Investment advisors, Health planners, and Funeral directors.
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John Larkin offers 40 years of expertise coordinating the estates of some of Los Angeles’s most elite personalities including Bob Hope, Jackie Collins, Lady Irene Dunne, Senator George Murphy, Mrs. Edgar Bergen, Ricardo Montalban, the Pouch Family and the Strong
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John Larkin has been a business manager for over forty years. His focus has been high-net worth individuals, and foundations in both the Hollywood and Political sectors. His client list has included Mr. Bob Hope; Ms. Jackie Collins; U.S. Senator
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